Winterize your Sunroom

With the cold weather quickly approaching, you may be starting to feel sad & down because you won’t be able to spend as much time in your Sunroom. Don’t get down just yet! We have a few tips and ways that will let you enjoy your Sunroom this winter. With a few simple steps and some work, you’ll be able to enjoy your Sunroom while watching the first snow fall. 

Touch Ups 

Go around your Sunroom and look for cracks and holes where the cold weather might be able to seep in. Get some caulking and go around your room filling those cracks and holes with some caulking. If you have larger holes or cracks & spaces around your windows, contact Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures about how we can help you fix the spaces. 

Thermal Drapes 

Hanging drapes in your Sunroom may sound like the opposite reason you put up a Sunroom, but if you go out and purchase some thermal drapes and use the drapes to keep the cold out and the heat in during the night and times when you’re not home. Your Sunroom will be much warmer when you do go to spend time in it. 


Install some baseboard heaters in your Sunroom if you don’t want to have 3 or 4 mini heaters plugged in and spread out throughout your Sunroom. This way you will be able to enjoy your Sunroom for years to come without the added cost of constantly having to buy plug in heaters. 

Rugs & Blankets 

As always, the easiest way to add some extra warmth to every Sunroom during the cooler seasons are to add a large thermal area rug and a few warm fuzzy blankets or heated blankets. This option may not heat your Sunroom up but it will go a long way for keeping your feet and your body warm while your spending time in your Sunroom. 

For more ways to keep your Sunroom warm contact Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures.