Things to decide before adding a Sunroom to your home

Whether you are wanting a Screen Room, WeatherMaster Sunroom or a Three or Four Season Sunroom there may be a few decisions you should think about and make before contacting your local Sunroom dealer.

To help make this process as simple for you as possible, we have compiled some of the decisions you should make before adding a Sunroom to your home. Some of what we discuss below may not apply to you and your home for a few reasons. If at anytime through your decision process you have questions contact Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures and speak to one of our experts.

Location, Location, Location

Picking and deciding on the optimal spot for your Sunroom may be one of the most crucial steps throughout this process. If your Sunroom gets to much sun you’ll be to hot and if there’s not enough sun then your Sunroom may be to cold and you won’t get a whole lot of enjoyment out of it.

In northern Canada, a southern facing Sunroom may be the best as your Sunroom will receive the most light each day, however if your closer to southern Canada a southern facing Sunroom could mean that you will need additional cooling depending on the Sunroom you choose.

An eastern facing Sunroom will give you a bit of both sun & shade with the sunlight in the morning and shade the rest of the day. If your looking to enjoy the sun in your Sunroom in the afternoon this option may not be for you. If the afternoon sun is what you are looking for then you should consider a western facing Sunroom, just be aware that the afternoon sun can make your Sunroom pretty hot.

If your have only 1 option for the location of your Sunroom you may want to consider some of the below so you are still able to enjoy your Sunroom:

  • Have a lot of airflow options for when your Sunroom gets to warm.
  • Install ceiling fans to keep the air circulation for optimum air flow.
  • Consider adding some shades for the days when the sun is bright and hot.
  • Look for a small heater for the cooler spring or fall days to keep your Sunroom warm.

For more information about some things to decide before you add a Sunroom or for any questions you have contact Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures your local Owen Sound Sunspace Sunrooms Dealer.