Get your Home Ready for Fall – Part 1

With the official first day of Autumn right around the corner, now is the time when many of us start fixing up our homes for Fall.

There always seems to be so many things to do to get your home ready for the cold weather and no matter how much we prepare, there always seems to be 1 or 2 things we missed doing before the snow falls. We’ve put together a few items to remember to check off on your checklist to get your home ready for Fall.

Make sure the cold air won’t sneak in

Did you notice last winter that certain areas of your home were colder than others? That may be a result of a small hole or draft in the area that was letting the cold air in. Check around your home for drafts and holes. A great way to find a draft in your home is to take a lit candle and hold it around your windows, doors and other place and if it flickers, there’s most likely a draft.

Make sure you have Heat!

Have you ever been bundled up in blankets upon blanket trying to stay warm inside your home in the dead of winter because your furnace broke? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky! It’s always good to have your furnace inspected to make sure it’s working properly and won’t break down when you need it most. Even if you have had it inspected get some back up in case it does break down. Try purchasing a couple external plug in heaters that you could use to keep you warm until the maintenance worker fixes your furnace.

Check your roof!

Make sure there’s no leaks, holes or missing shingles on your roof. The roof is one of the areas of your home that is not so easy to fix in the winter. No one is going to climb up on your slippery cold roof in the middle of winter for several days to fix a leak or hole, so make sure you have someone check it out before the snow falls.

There is often so much to do to get ready for the winter that we thought we’d do a part 2 to help you ensure your home & Sunroom is ready for winter and the snow. Checkout Get your Home ready for Fall – Part 2 next month for other ways to get your home & Sunroom ready for the cold weather!

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