Adding Additional Heat Sources to your Sunroom

Looking for ways to enjoy your Sunroom through fall & winter without having to tear it down and build a 3 or 4 season Sunroom? There are a few ways to stay warm in your Sunroom as the weather starts to cool down. Although these options may not allow you to spend half a day in your Sunroom in the middle of winter, you will still be able to get some enjoyment from your Sunroom with these options.

Add a Fireplace

Regardless if you decide to build a fireplace into your sunroom or you opt in for a stand-alone fireplace that’s plug and play. The benefit of having a stand-alone fireplace is that you’ll be able to move it almost anywhere, which means that when you’re all snuggled up in the winter you can move the fireplace closer to you, keeping you toasty warm.


Adding a warm & fuzzy thermal carpet to your Sunroom during the winter will help keep your feet warm while walking into the Sunroom. Look for a good quality carpet that can be easily moved out of the way when summer rolls back around. The carpet doesn’t have to cover the entire floor in your Sunroom, but it should cover a large enough space that you won’t have to run across the floor to reach the warm carpet.

Insulated Roof

Something you can do at the time of installing your Sunroom is to get your roof insulated, it will make a world of difference when the snow starts to fall. An insulated roof is not always a bad thing for the summer months either, it will keep your room cooler during summer and still be warmer during winter.

Heated Blankets

A simple solution to keeping warm through fall & into winter is with a heated or a couple of heated blankets. Adding some heated blankets to your Sunroom in the winter along with the other above options will ensure you are still able to enjoy your Sunroom almost all year round!

Contact Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures for more information on the various types of Sunrooms you can choose from or for other way to heat your Sunroom during that fall & winter months.