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Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures ( GBPE ) is proud to have been an authorized dealer for Sunspace Sunrooms since 1999. Authorized dealers are required to attend an annual 2 day training seminar to stay current on product development, building code changes and factory approved installation techniques. Sunspace has consistently raised the bar in the sunroom industry for product development and user friendly options made from quality engineered components while becoming the largest sunroom manufacturer in Canada. The warranties they offer are industry leading as well with many components covered for life. Sunspace Sunrooms are manufactured in Newcastle Ontario with our often extreme Canadian weather conditions in mind. Designed to extend your enjoyment of the great outdoors without the annoyances of wind, rain, insects and harmful UV rays Sunspace has the sunroom that’s right for you. Not only will a new Sunspace sunroom add beauty and comfort to your home, it will also greatly increase its value. These enclosures can be installed onto an existing patio or deck or under an existing roof structure.Whether it’s a ScreenRoom, 3 Season Patio Room or a Thermal Sunroom, your new Sunspace Sunroom will provide you and your family with a lifestyle change to be enjoyed for years to come. Your new sunroom will quickly become your favourite room in the house and be the preferred place to entertain friends and family.

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Why Choose

Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures Sunroom?

Modular units that are custom designed​

Sunspace Sunrooms are modular units that are custom designed for your home and manufactured in a temperature controlled environment, ensuring the highest quality. Our units can be installed directly onto an existing patio, deck, and even under a previously constructed roof!

Designed to extend your enjoyment of the outdoors

Designed to extend your enjoyment of the outdoors without the usual annoyances of wind, rain, insects or UV rays, Sunspace has the sunroom that’s right for you and for family. Whether its a children’s playroom. a new addition to entertain, or simply a cozy place to relax, a new Sunspace Sunroom will add beauty functionality and value to your home.


Our products

Get the most out of life while enjoying your Sunspace screen room.
If you enjoy the open air feeling of your existing deck but want protection.
A 3 Season Sunroom by Sunspace is a bright addition to any house.
High density 3″ foam panels keep this room warm and comfortable.

Porch Conversions & Walls Under

Expand the functionality of your under wall, porch or existing structures quickly, easily and with style

Our under wall and porch conversion systems are custom made and delivered assembled to fit. Your choice of Weathermaster™, Weathermaster Plus™ or full glass window systems combine stylish state of the art design with custom fitted panels making our conversion systems easy to install while reducing the need for special trades for installation.

Included Design Options

Quickly turn “under structural walls” or “under porch”
into a sheltered personal sanctuary

Porch Conversion

Sunspace provides finished wall sections including Weathermaster™ windows to your Sunspace factory trained dealer, Installation is provided that fits directly into the dimensions you or your home designer have specified.

Walls Under Existing Structure

In addition to the benefits of a Porch Conversion, “walls under” an existing structure (or “walls under a fixed and structurally tied roof”) with all the options for Weathermaster™ windows also offer the ability to include electrical outlets and switches, when combined with the savings of dealer installation this greatly reduces the need for additional framing and the cost of skilled trades.

Safety And Style

Where required by building code or for your own peace of mind Sunspace glass, topless glass or aluminum railing can be easily and seamlessly integrated into your completed home addition.

Add Electrical To Expand Functionality

Simplify the completion of your project, without the need for extra framing with walls under we offer factory installed internal wire chases in accordance with your specified building code for outlets and switches making cost for skilled trade work for a fully wired addition minimal.
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