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Solid Insulated Patio Covers

Introducing our premium range of solid insulated patio covers, designed to provide the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy retreat, extend your outdoor living season, or protect your outdoor space from the elements, Grey Bruce Patio’s solid insulated roofs are the ideal choice.

Solid insulated roof: superior insulation

Our solid insulated roof are engineered to offer superior insulation, keeping your outdoor space comfortable in all seasons. They help regulate temperature, providing a cooler environment in the summer and retaining warmth during the winter.


Why Choose

Grey Bruce Patio solid insulated roof?

Stylish design

Grey Bruce Patio’s solid insulated roof comes in a variety of stylish designs that can complement any architectural style. Whether you prefer modern, sleek lines or classic, traditional aesthetics, we have a wide selection of patterns, colors, and materials to choose from. Our covers not only provide functionality but also enhance the visual appeal of your property.

Durable materials

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure our solid insulated roofs are durable and long-lasting. From weather-resistant to robust composites, our products are built to withstand the elements and maintain their beauty and functionality over time. This ensures that your investment in Grey Bruce Patio’s solid insulated roof will provide lasting value

Customization options

Every space is unique, and we believe your insulated roof should be too. Our products are fully customizable, allowing you to choose the dimensions, colors, and styles that best suit your needs. Whether you need a cover for a large patio, a small deck, or a specific outdoor area, we can tailor our solutions to fit your specific requirements.

Low maintenance

Our solid insulated roofs are designed for low maintenance. The high-quality materials we use resist fading, rust, and corrosion, ensuring that your covers look great and function well with minimal upkeep. Simple periodic cleaning is all that’s needed to keep them in top condition.

A range of applications

Solid insulated roofs provide versatile solutions for various spaces, enhancing both safety and aesthetics. Suitable for decks, patios, carports, gardens, and outdoor kitchens.

Decks and patios

With our solid insulated roofs, you can turn your patio or deck into a chic and cozy haven. They improve the enjoyment of your outdoor area for entertainment and relaxation by offering shade and protection.

Garden retreats

A solid insulated roof may add charm to your garden and create a calm, covered space that is ideal for lounging and taking in the scenery.


With our solid insulated roofs, you can shield your cars from the weather. They provide a chic and contemporary way to protect your cars from the elements—snow, rain, and sun.

Outdoor kitchens

Our customisable solid insulated roofs will give your outdoor kitchen or dining area a touch of elegance. They offer a designated area that is protected from the weather for eating and cooking.


Solid insulated roof: a system to channel away moisture

Whether you are considering installing a roof over your current deck or hoping to create a protected carport we have you covered! All roof systems are durable and have an internal water trough system to channel away moisture and come standard with worry-free heavy-duty extruded aluminum gutters and fascia.


Feel secure and secluded

Enjoy uninterrupted comfort and a serene environment, perfect for social gatherings and relaxation, provided by solid insulated roofs. Feel secure and secluded whether you’re under the solid insulated roof or enjoying your outdoor area with guests.

Create your unique solid insulated roof

Which design of solid insulated roof is best for your home? Examine our completed project portfolio and look into the color scheme that best represents our variety of models. Get the best solid insulated roof as soon as possible to enhance your living space!

Solid Panel Colors

Column Square Colors

Column Round Colors

Features & Benefits

  • Panels up to 24″
  • Panels are full 48″ width
  • Available in 3″ R-12, 4″ R-16 & 6″ R-24
  • Strong enough to hold Fan’s,
  • Lights & Plants
  • Mono-slope or Gabled Roof
  • Skylights installed with ease
  • One piece gutter, (up to 22″)
  • Easy Installation
  • More Labor saving than previous methods
  • Aluminum Stucco colors – White, Driftwood & Bronze, (White panels are stock – color panels will result in longer lead times)

Q&A about
solid insulated roofs

Do you have questions about our solid insulated roofs? Find all the answers you need in this section!

Unlike traditional roofs or open-air structures, solid insulated roofs provide complete coverage and thermal protection, ideal for year-round use.

Yes, solid insulated roofs offer customization options in terms of size, color, and design to complement various home styles and outdoor living spaces.

Solid insulated roofs are highly durable and resistant to weather elements, UV rays, and impact, ensuring long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.


Yes, solid insulated roofs are versatile and can be used in both residential and commercial settings, providing comfort and durability.

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