Retractable Patio Awnings

A retractable Awning is an excellent product to put shade where you need it and when you want it. Our partner with this task is MacDonald Awnings and Signs located in Kitchener Ontario. MacDonald Awning has an enormous selection that allows you to choose exactly what you want. The majority of the units we install every year are motorized and come with an indoor wall control or a remote control. Another popular option available is a drop down fabric screen on the front bar to control different light situations or to give you privacy from neighbors. Wind and sun sensors can also be added to automate your awning.

When the Awning is not in use, it is rolled up and protected in a custom hood cover, or under an exiting roof overhang. Having it stored while not in use, protects it from the elements, decreases the chances of fading from UV exposure and prevents moisture rot.

The most important factors in choosing an awning should be the quality of the fabric and the strength of the arms used to hold the unit tight during use. MacDonald Awnings use the Sunbrella fabric which is known worldwide as a leader in the outdoor fabric industry and comes with great colour selection and warranty. Sunbrella is used by most good quality outdoor furniture manufacturers and boat top suppliers. MacDonald Awnings use superior quality when constructing the arms of the design from Erhardt-Markisen, a German company renowned for their quality and strength.


maThe use of leading components allows MacDonald Awnings to offer you a 12 year warranty on their awnings while most other manufacturers are offering 3-5years. So do not be fooled by the low priced products offered by big box retailers which claim to offer the same benefits but fail to mention their downfalls of wind resistance and sun damage, only exceptional quality can compare to MacDonald Awnings in partnership with Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures Inc. Lower the temperature in your home during the hot summer months by up to 15 degrees with the invaluable awning system we can have covering you and your loved ones within hours of beginning installation.