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Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures Awning & Shade Products uses MacDonald Awning, Talius & Shade Products. They have been manufacturing German and Swedish designed retractable awnings since 1979!

Exclusive authorised manufacturers of awning components from Erhardt-Markisen, Germany.

MacDonald Awning & Shade Products and Talius are proud members of the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association, the Industrial Fabric Association International, the Canadian Sign Association and the Better Business Bureau. We are recognised partners of Somfy motors and Sunbrella fabrics.

Life’s Cooler in the Shade!


The Apollo screen is a retractable system designed to offer insect protection, solar shading, and ventilation while maintaining views and airflow. Suitable for installation on windows, doors, or outdoor living areas like patios, porches, or pergolas, these screens usually have a roll-up mechanism for easy extension or retraction as needed.

Insect Protection

Apollo screens effectively keep insects out while allowing fresh air to circulate indoors, creating a comfortable, pest-free environment for relaxation, dining, or entertaining without the nuisance of bugs.


Apollo screens provide privacy for both indoor and outdoor areas by reducing visibility from the outside. This fosters a secluded and intimate atmosphere, enabling you to enjoy your space without feeling overly exposed to external scrutiny.

Solar Shading

Apollo screens offer solar shading by intercepting a portion of the sun’s rays, diminishing glare and heat accumulation within your home or outdoor area. This aids in sustaining a cooler and more comfortable indoor environment while permitting natural light to filter through.

UV Protection

Certain Apollo screens are engineered to block harmful UV rays, offering additional protection against sunburn and skin damage. This enhances the safety and enjoyment of outdoor spaces for occupants, particularly during periods of peak sunlight.


The Canadian-built Primasol Awning combines German engineering, Sunbrella acrylic fabric, quality, and affordability. The Primasol awning enhances your outdoor living space with its attractive design!

Heavy duty Arms

Triple springs and poly-coated dual stainless steel cables encased in PVC sheathing ensure your awning fabric stays taut.

Cast Aluminium

The shoulders and fittings are designed for maximum strength while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Stainless Steel

The hardware is rust-resistant, and a 40mm galvanized powder-coated steel back bar provides exceptional stability.


The Monarch Awning merges top-notch German engineering with Sunbrella acrylic fabric and Canadian craftsmanship to create a custom-made awning. Perfect for enhancing your outdoor living experience!

High Grade

The product features an exceptional high-grade powder coat finish, providing both durability and a sleek appearance.

Elbow of arms

The arms’ elbows are equipped with dual stainless-steel cables encased in PVC sheathing, offering increased durability and flexibility.

Stainless Steel

Using stainless-steel hardware ensures rust resistance, guaranteeing longevity and reliability.


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