Winterize your home

Get Your Home Ready For Winter

As the cooler weather starts to approach, you should start thinking about ways to get your home ready for the white stuff. Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures can help you winterize your home to ensure you stay warm this winter.

Porch Enclosure

Have an existing porch or backyard patio with a gorgeous scene, ask Grey Bruch Patio how turning your existing Patio or Porch into a Porch Enclosure or a Four Season Sunroom is a simple way to enjoy the winter view while staying warm and cozy inside your home.


Replacing your windows is a great way to keep your house warm and save you on your energy bill this winter. With our line of North Star Windows, Grey Bruce Patio will help you install your windows to ensure they are done correctly and in a way to save you money. Changing your windows is a simple way to prepare your home and give you a picture perfect view on those days where the snow looks beautiful. Enjoy the view and stay warm using Grey Bruce Patio and North Star Windows.


Your roof is a huge part of your home and keeping everyone inside your home safe, you want to ensure that your roof is in tip top shape before the first snow fall. Fixing small crack and leaks in your roof now can save you a huge amount of money come spring when you will need to fix the leaks and cracks because they have now become holes and caused some mold build up. Grey Bruce Patio can ensure your roof is in great shape for winter with our General Contracting Services.

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