Why Aluminum Decks Are Better Than Wood

Your Deck is an extension of your home; a place to make memories, enjoy the weather and share laughter with family and friends. You may be wondering why you should upgrade your wood deck and switch it up for something new. Well, here are some reasons of why Sunspace Alumadecks are the perfect option for your home:

Safety First

Old decks can be a serious safety concern for your children as some contain arsenic from pressure treated wood. If your children love to crawl around and play on your deck it may be time to upgrade your outdoor space by installing non-toxic aluminum powder coating or by replacing the boards with Alumadeck. Alumadeck is not only versatile, but is non-skid and slip resistant making it the safest choice for your family!


Alumadecks, unlike wood, never need to be treated or stained as it will not rust, crack, fade or rot from harsh weather conditions. This allows you to enjoy your outdoor space without having to put in the back-breaking work of staining and refinishing a wood deck.


Clear Views

Sunspace Aluminum and Glass Railing Systems are not only elegant, modern and stylish but practical as well. They allow you to have a crystal clear view of the lake, garden or backyard all year.


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