Replacing or Repairing Windows

A Checklist of Things to Consider When Dealing with Damaged or Broken Windows.


Homeowners are often faced with the decision of repairing or replacing a damaged window. The truth is, repairing a window can sometimes be more costly than actually replacing the entire thing. Depending on the age of the window and what manufacturer, you may have difficulties finding the parts you need for repairs. At least a new install comes with a warranty.

Here are some tips to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your windows.


Are Your Windows Scratched or Have Broken Panes


Scratched window panes are often an easy DIY fix. Check out YouTube for lots of Do It Yourself videos on how to repair and buff out scratches on vinyl and aluminum window frames. In the case of broken window panes, this can be a safety and security issue for your home and your family. It is always wise to replace broken window panes immediately.


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Do You Suffer From Draughty Spaces


There is nothing worse than feeling that draught coming from the window, having all of your efforts to keep your home warm and cozy rendered futile as that cold air just keeps slipping in. The major causes of draughty windows are old and worn-out sashes, peeled or damaged caulking, wood rot and weather stripping. You can fix the peeled caulking by just reapplying caulking to those areas in need of attention. This is often the case with older and vintage windows, where a repair may be desired over window replacement. But if these draughty spaces are caused by deteriorating sashes, then you might want to consider replacing the entire window since sashes can often cost just as much as a whole new window.


Wood Rot is Never a Good Sign


Wood rot is caused by prolonged exposure to excessive moisture. A major cause of wood rot is poor sealing and finishing. Once that paint finally cracks, water gets in and then mold can begin to form. Wood rot is most often found on the frames, sashes, and dividers of the window opening and its assembly. Most homeowners would prefer repairing just the wood where original window settings exist, but again, if it’s not a vintage product, replacing the whole window should be more cost-effective.


Do You Struggle With Stubborn Windows


Investigating the root of what is causing your stubborn window problem will help you determine if your window is in need of repair or actual replacement. If you discover the sashes and frame are stuck together due to layers of paint and dirt, then you can consider cutting through the paint layers to correct the issue. It is highly recommended to have a professional inspect and do such repairs as these types of repairs are often tedious and require precision craftsmanship. During such invasive repairs, even small mistakes can be costly, sometimes even requiring a replacement in the end anyway if your frame and seals are accidentally damaged during the repair process. Another cause of stubborn windows is contraction and/or expansion between the sashes and frames, typically caused by prolonged exposure to moisture and wear and tear over decades in your home. In this case, replacing the window is most often your best option.


Broken Window Seals Limit Options


Window seals become worn over time which can lead to cracking and breaking. Once a seal is broken, it is very difficult to repair. This is because the entire pane of glass must be removed to create a fresh new seal. So, therefore, in this case, buying a new window is usually the best solution.


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Replacement Windows for Winter

It’s that time of the year again, everyone is all excited getting ready for Christmas and the holidays! One thing we all aren’t happy about is the cold weather that comes along with it, and what comes along with the snow? Increased heating bills and bundling up to keep warm.

Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures wants to help you keep warm through these cold Canadian winters. Contact Grey Bruce Patio today for great tips and ways to keep your house warmer this winter and your energy bills down. A great way to start saving you money is through your windows, many homeowners get the best windows when they build their home and never think of them again. Maybe you just bought a house and are unsure when the windows were replaced last or if they have been replaced at all.

Knowing when you need to change or replace your windows

This is the tricky part, there is no set number on how many years after you have installed your windows should you replace them. Many factors go into determining when you need to replace your windows, such as:

  • Materials the windows were made with
  • The walls and frame around the window
  • How old your house is

These are just some of the factors that go into figuring out when your windows need replacing. Although there are many other easy to spot signs that you need new windows, things like cracks in the windows and rotting wood around your window. The best way to find out if you need your windows replaced is to contact a professional and find out the current condition of your windows.

Replacing your windows is a great way to save your home on energy costs and with all of the new material and technology constantly being created, upgrading your windows can help your home last that much longer.

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Why Aluminum Decks Are Better Than Wood

Your Deck is an extension of your home; a place to make memories, enjoy the weather and share laughter with family and friends. You may be wondering why you should upgrade your wood deck and switch it up for something new. Well, here are some reasons of why Sunspace Alumadecks are the perfect option for your home:

Safety First

Old decks can be a serious safety concern for your children as some contain arsenic from pressure treated wood. If your children love to crawl around and play on your deck it may be time to upgrade your outdoor space by installing non-toxic aluminum powder coating or by replacing the boards with Alumadeck. Alumadeck is not only versatile, but is non-skid and slip resistant making it the safest choice for your family!


Alumadecks, unlike wood, never need to be treated or stained as it will not rust, crack, fade or rot from harsh weather conditions. This allows you to enjoy your outdoor space without having to put in the back-breaking work of staining and refinishing a wood deck.


Clear Views

Sunspace Aluminum and Glass Railing Systems are not only elegant, modern and stylish but practical as well. They allow you to have a crystal clear view of the lake, garden or backyard all year.


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Three Ways to Perk Up your Patio

Is your patio looking tired? Grey Bruce Patio has a few inspiring solutions for your worn out patio. Without having to dig deep into your pocket book you can bring life back into your outdoor space. Add style, dimension and versatility by making small changes and updates. Sometimes all it takes is bold new colours, strategic landscaping and adding a little more conversation.


This season, its all about bold and vibrant colours. Pair a striped navy outdoor rug, with bold yellow pillows and a white throw. Or channel a Mediterranean island and update your outdoor furniture with teal, and white pillows and covers. Incorporate interesting accent pieces like colourful lanterns can add dimension and conversation to your evenings. Carry your colours indoors and add a splash of vibrancy to your porch space. A great way to invite the outdoors in, and providing a protected retreat for your family and guests is with a Sunspace Screen Room or Sunroom. Colour is your friend, mix and match bold patterns and bring out your personal style to your outdoor space!

Fire Pits

Fire pits have come a long way from your scout master style teepee and rocks. Growing in popularity and safety are contemporary Fire Pits. No matter where you shop, there are a wide array of styles, motifs and sizes. From Bowl Shaped Fire Pits with mesh covers, to full Fire Tables that can be fuelled by gas. Frame your fire pit with a topless Contemporary Glass Railing System, and take in the whole view while roasting your marshmallows. Give your patio a focal point and dimension, while adding warm conversation to your evenings under the stars!


Strategic landscaping can add a punch of zest to your outdoor patio. Add depth and colour while showing off your green thumb, with the use of ornate planters and running with your theme. Incorporate your bold punches of colour in your landscaping and compliment those new outdoor throws and pillows! Incorporate existing trees and shrubbery into your design, by stringing lights, hanging lanterns or simply frame your seating. Use your garden and landscape to tell your story, while expressing your personal style and flair.


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Contractors: How To Choose the Right Contractor for Your Next Home Project

Whether you are installing a new Sunspace Sunroom, new windows, or a new deck, choosing the right contractor is an important decision for a home owner. Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures provide knowledgeable and trustworthy contractors for your home improvement projects. Built on referrals, custom projects, and exceeding expectations.





Having input in your home design is essential. Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures’ experienced contractors included in all decisions while turning your ideas into a completed product. Using manufacturers computer programs, and visual product comparisons, Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures helps you envision your finished product before construction.





Contractors stay current, up to date and display professionalism on installation training and practices. As well as being equipped with all required insurance and certificates for projects, Grey Bruce Patio Enclosure contractors have a reputation for high quality of work. Providing support for those who wish to install themselves by providing guidance on home project installations.

General Contracting


Installing home projects such as a Sunspace Sunroom , to complete. Coordination alone is difficult, not to mention finding reputable contractors that are right for you. Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures selects a trustworthy group of contractors and coordinate each project as if it were their own home.






Home improvement projects offered at Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures

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