Build A Beautiful Retaining Wall in your Landscape

A retaining wall is a large part of planning your backyard oasis, and not many people think about the design of them until it’s already in and they are looking at it after and are unhappy with that one part. Plan ahead and make sure you are happy with the end result. We have put together a few ideas to help you design something you will enjoy for many years.

When it comes to the overall look and feel of your backyard oasis the design step is one of the most important – and probably takes the longest. When deciding what to think about and look for when you start to design your wall consider this:

  • What is the best wall type for your needs?
  • What type of material should you use?
  • Think of how the wall will look and fit in with the rest of your design or existing landscape
  • Think about hiding your wall behind other plants or screens
  • Think about how to use the wall to maximize your outdoor area

How to turn your Retaining wall into something beautiful

Many of you may think that all the retaining walls you have seen aren’t very attractive, don’t worry we have some great ways to help you make your retaining wall a piece of art that fits perfectly into your dream landscape.

Here’s some food for thought that will help you to design a beautiful retaining wall:

  • What do you like/dislike about retaining walls?
  • How much do you want to spend on one?

There are many benefits of adding a retaining wall to your property, they add a focal point to your garden and they add equity too. There are many ways to make your retaining wall a piece of art, literally. Paint a mural onto it, use outdoor tiles or incorporate your plants into it with some climbing Clematis Montana or Clematis Armandii.

However you decide to build your backyard oasis be sure to think through everything and consider the benefits of adding a retaining wall. For more great ideas and ways to spruce up your property contact Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures via our website or call us at 519-376-9241.

It’s Never to Early to Start Planning, Right?

Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures has a wide range of products and services to help you get the final product you have always dreamed of. Start planning for your next Spring project now! With countless customization options to choose from and being able to sit down with us to plan your whole project now is one of the best times to start planning for Spring.

Looking for a Sunspace Sunroom? Let us help you decide on the perfect Sunroom to suit you and your families’ needs and get a head start on Spring. Maybe you’re looking to spruce up your cottage, Grey Bruce Patio can help you put together a plan to have your new Sunroom up and ready to go as quickly as possible.

No matter the budget or size of your project Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures can help you plan it all out so you’re ready for the warmer weather. Contact Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures today at 519-376-9241 to get started or visit us online at for more information on our products and services.

New Year, New Kitchen?

With the New Year upon us, why not start fresh with a Kitchen remodel project? Many of us don’t think that the winter months are the best time for a renovation, when in fact, it is probably one of the best times to start a renovation or remodeling project.

Although, the winter may not be an ideal time to add a home addition to your house or replace your windows, there are many other home improvement projects you can still do to spruce up your living space. Why not start with a kitchen remodel, nothing to drastic but start with giving your cabinets a facelift or replacing your cabinets. Another great project to start during the winter is finishing up your basement, no matter what you may be thinking spend the winter getting you and your home ready for the warm weather and spruce up your home.

A renovation or remodeling project in the winter has many benefits, such as:

  • Saves you money, contractors are not as busy right now and will usually have some promotions on to encourage homeowners to purchase
  • Less stress, your contractor will have more time to spend with you ensuring you get exactly what you want

These are just a couple of benefits to renovating your home during the winter, and once summer comes and all your neighbours and friends are worried about their kitchen renovation or the construction going on to have their basement finished you can sit back and enjoy the warm weather.

Contact Grey Bruce Patio today to get your next home improvement project started, or visit us online at for more information on our products & services.

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas decorating can either be one of your most favorite things to do, or something you do but don’t love because it is such a hassle. We have compiled a few ideas that are tasteful, simple and look great!

Add Some Greenery

Add a little bit of green to your front porch by adding a wooden box with a faux mini Christmas tree to each side of your door, leave them bare or decorate them with some lights and ornaments it’s up to you! Add a few large pine cones around your front porch and finish it off with a green festive wreath. See, how simple was that?


Have some old rain boots of skates laying around in the garage? Don’t throw them away just yet! Grab a old wooden crate and stuff a faux Christmas tree pre lit or not and then fill the rest of the crate with pine cones and spray paint your old rain boots/skates and use them as a vase for seasonal greenery!


Have some beautiful antique vases? Use them this winter (as long as your okay with having snow on them, if not normal decorative Vases will do as well)! Make a winter greenery basket! Add a round Styrofoam block on the bottom of the vase and go through your neighbourhood collecting broken branches and pine branches, bring them home and start arranging them in the vase, you may want to spray some of the pine branches with a clear coat of spray paint or glue to keep the pines from falling off. Add some pine cones and some festive ribbon and your all set!

Five Minute Deco

Want to do something nice and tasteful? Here’s a 5 minute Deco Idea that literally take 5 minutes! What you’ll need: fire wood (at least 4 logs per basket) some pine branches, pine cones, a couple of plant vase or baskets which ever you feel like and some mini outdoor lights. Now all you do is arrange all the pieces and set them up all over your front porch for a simple and elegant design.

Have some other Quick and simple Christmas decorating ideas? Send us and email and we may feature you next time!

Want To Really Scare Your Neighbors This Halloween?

We have noticed lately that people either really get into the holidays or they don’t participate at all. If your one of the few that still loves participating in the Halloween fun, then you are sure to love this great DIY Haunted House project.

There are a number of ways you can make your house super spooky, here are some great ideas to really give your neighborhood a scare!


If you have a large front yard that requires the trick or treaters to walk up a path to your house, take advantage of the space and create a spooky cemetery. Set up tombstones throughout your yard and use fake blood to create a horrifying scene. Set the mood with a fog machine or 2 and have a spooky soundtrack playing in the background. If you have some friends that want to partake in the fun get all dressed up in scary costumes and slowly walk out of the fog. Your neighbors won’t know what hit them!

Spooky Maze

A spooky Maze is a great way to have ample opportunity to scare the trick or treaters. Use your garage to set up this spooky maze and set up a couple of different scenes, if your garage is too small or you don’t have a garage you can always use your backyard or your newly built Sunspace Sunroom to create this spooky maze. Use cob web and fake blood splattered throughout the maze with a fog machine pushing the fog though the maze to set the scene and use a spooky soundtrack to get the trick or treater jittering in their costumes.

Simple but Scary

If you haven’t left much time to put together a haunted house but still want to participate in the Halloween fun, then we have a simpler solution that is equally as scary. You’ll need a flickering light bulb to replace your outside light with, some corn stalks a chair, cob webs and a plastic pumpkin head. Decorate the outside of your house with the flickering light bulb, corn stalk, the chair & cob webs. Next get yourself or your partner ready to sit outside dressed up as a scarecrow with the pumpkin head on. When it’s just about time for the trick or treaters to come out have the scare crown sit out on the porch with the bowl of candy in his lap or off to the side and when a trick or treater comes to get their candy give them a scare with a real life monster.

These are all great ways to add a little extra fun to this Halloween. Visit to see all of our great services and to find out more information about a Sunspace Sunroom.

DIY Eco-Friendly Vertical Pallet Garden

Upgrading your deck has many advantages: no more splinters, no more back-breaking re-staining and no more embarrassing paint-peeling incidents. Your upgrade means having beautiful glass railings and maintenance-free aluminum surfaces. The only downfall is that you won’t want to give up any square footage of your new deck to outdoor potters or planters. So how can you incorporate nature and style into your new deck? Vertical pallet gardens are trendy, eco-friendly and take up minimal space.

Here is what you need to make a vertical pallet garden of your own:

  • Shipping pallet
  • Weather resistant nails
  • Hammer
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Weed cloth
  • Sandpaper
  • Plywood
  • Potting soil
  • Gloves
  • Flowers or succulents


  1. Wearing gloves, sand down any rough areas on the pallet.
  2. Measure and cut plywood to fit back of pallet. Screw plywood to pack of pallet racking. Use two screws to ensure it holds.
  3. Double up the weed cloth and begin the staple madness. Staple cloth along back, bottom and sides of the pallet. Make sure the soil can’t leak out the bottom or sides.
  4. While pallet is laying face-up on the ground, put your potting soil between the cracks. Press soil down firmly and leave enough room to plant your greens.
  5. Start planting your flowers or succulents from the bottom, up. Ensure there is enough packed soil before moving on.
  6. Once you have planted your garden, water it on a regular basis and leave it horizontal for up to two weeks to ensure the plants have rooted.
  7. Stand your vertical pallet garden up against the sunny wall of your choice and enjoy!

This simple and fun project will help add beauty and life to your new deck with minimal space enjoy your new backyard oasis without having to compromise adding some colour and life to your space all year round.

For more information about Sunspace decks and railings by Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures please visit,

Contractors: How To Choose the Right Contractor for Your Next Home Project

Whether you are installing a new Sunspace Sunroom, new windows, or a new deck, choosing the right contractor is an important decision for a home owner. Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures provide knowledgeable and trustworthy contractors for your home improvement projects. Built on referrals, custom projects, and exceeding expectations.





Having input in your home design is essential. Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures’ experienced contractors included in all decisions while turning your ideas into a completed product. Using manufacturers computer programs, and visual product comparisons, Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures helps you envision your finished product before construction.





Contractors stay current, up to date and display professionalism on installation training and practices. As well as being equipped with all required insurance and certificates for projects, Grey Bruce Patio Enclosure contractors have a reputation for high quality of work. Providing support for those who wish to install themselves by providing guidance on home project installations.

General Contracting


Installing home projects such as a Sunspace Sunroom , to complete. Coordination alone is difficult, not to mention finding reputable contractors that are right for you. Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures selects a trustworthy group of contractors and coordinate each project as if it were their own home.






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