Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Christmas is either one of your most favorite seasons or just another holiday to get through. If you find yourself feeling festive, then you are probably itching to get your house decorated and a Christmas tree put up already. It can take lots of planning to go all out with Christmas decorations! It’s best to start off by slowly getting into the Christmas spirit by starting to welcome the snow with some Christmas touches throughout your décor.

Festive Candles

The first and easiest way to bring the holidays to your home is by celebrating the smell of the holiday festivities. Start by getting some scented candles and placing them in your sunroom and keep them lit for a few hours on and off. This way if your more in the mood to be festive then grab a book, make some tea light a candle and bring a blanket and cozy up in your Sunroom for a few hours.

Festive Center pieces

This is a simple and easy to do DIY. All you’ll need are a bunch of various sized vases or jars, water, American & Michigan holly & floating candles (the candles are optional). Simply fill the jars with water and stop just a few inches below the brim then place a branch or 2 of holly in each jar. Add some floating candles for a warm bonus. Adding some of these centerpieces to your kitchen, living room or Sunroom will bring in the festive spirit and add warmth to each room without going overboard.

Mini Christmas Trees

Now, you might be thinking by adding some Christmas Trees will bring you into full on Christmas spirit, but done right these trees can add some greenery and a small amount of holiday spirit to your home. All you’ll need to make this decoration is a small wooden box, cranberry garland, mini Christmas trees and some battery operated fake candles. Depending on how big your wooden box is put 1 – 3 mini Christmas trees spaced evenly apart with the candles in the middle of them and take the cranberry garland and wrap it around the trees and candles. Once you’ve made 1 you can continue to make a few more and place them all around your house.

For more great ways to decorate your home & Sunroom this holiday season contact Grey Bruce Patio. If you have any ideas of your own, let us know! We’d love to hear your ideas.

Preparing Your Decks and Railings For Fall


Looking back when your deck was first installed and officially commission for fun under the sun; it looked great and everybody loved it – it seemed. Friends, family, and neighbors couldn’t get enough of soaking up fun, food and relaxation on your deck. It couldn’t help but make you feel good seeing your favorite people laughing and enjoying life on your brand new deck.

Now that time has past and a few years have come and gone since your deck was installed; it’s hard to believe that this is the same deck that you had just a few years ago. How can it be? Mildew, dirt, cooking grease, mold, dark spots, compost, twigs, leaves, and of course, bird droppings have all but covered it up. It is enough to make you want to throw up your hands and holler. Your beloved has gone from great to worst.

Decks are very popular today, much more so than in the past when few homes had decks. Many people spend time on their decks daily, cooking out or just relaxing in the sun. A deck is also a place where many homeowners choose to entertain guests. For as much time as we spend on our decks, we usually don’t give them the care that we show the inside of our home. If your deck has become rundown and an eyesore, there’s a lot that can be done to renovate and give it new life.
If your deck is old and rundown, you’re probably embarrassed to use it for entertaining of your friends and relatives. With the cost of living as high as it is, building a new deck is probably not an option. As a homeowner, you probably have many more important things to worry about than an old-looking deck. Painting is an option that many don’t consider, yet it will do the wonder for your deck. While painting will get its wear and tear with the elements of weather and continued use, it’s a great short-term fix to keep your deck looking attractive so you can continue to get good use out of it.

The floor of your deck is the most important part of your deck, but the railings also play a large part in its appearance. Painting your deck can really improve the railing designs and bring out any intricate carvings or designs they may have. Before you begin your painting, it’s important to prepare the surface before you begin. If you have any boards that are broken or rotted, they need to be replaced. You’ll be wasting time and paint by not replacing them. Even the most beautiful paint job won’t cover up rotten or broken boards. Any twisted nails or fasteners need to be removed to protect the surface of the deck. Use weatherproof or galvanized nails or screws, putting them in the same holes from the original nails. Make sure your new nails are longer than what was in the boards. Make sure all loose boards are secured tightly.

Once you have all the boards replaced and secured tightly, you will need to thoroughly clean the deck. A commercial deck cleaner is the most efficient and thorough way to clean your deck, but this may not be a possibility for everyone. If you have a pressure washer, this works great; otherwise, a wire brush and deck broom will do the trick. Make sure you get off all the dirt as well as any old finish and loose material. Make sure the deck gets a chance to dry thoroughly so it’s free of all moisture and then sweep with a soft broom.
Priming the surface of the deck with an exterior wood primer will be your next step. A brush is recommended over a sprayer because the brush will help the primer to better penetrate the wood. You’ll need two coats of primer because the first coat will instantly soak into the wood.

Now that you have your “new” deck, regular maintenance will keep it looking great. Maintenance should consist of sweeping with a soft broom and cleaning with a mild detergent and soft wet cloth. Try to avoid cleaning with a garden hose as it may chip the paint. With regular care, your deck will continue to look good for a few more years. Once again, your deck can be a source of pride for you and your family.

Unique Sunrooms | Stunning Sunroom Applications

Find Your Inspiration With These Unique Sunroom Applications


Sunrooms and Porch Enclosures offer the best of both worlds. Bringing the outside in and extending the use of space and style in your home or cottage. There are so many different options when choosing the type of room that will best suit your needs, but they don’t have to be plain or ordinary. Check out these unique and stunning sunroom applications that just might help you find the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

1. Beautiful Boathouse Sunroom

Ever consider adding a sunroom to your dock or boathouse? This sunroom makes the perfect addition to this lakeside retreat.


2. Lovely Hilltop Sunroom With A View

Here’s a stand-alone sunroom built to really enjoy the hilltop breezes and unparalleled views of the countryside.


3. Wooden Sunroom In The Woods

This beautiful timber-framed sunroom nestled in the woods really makes a statement. High ceilings and wall to wall windows allow for full enjoyment of the environment around it.


4. Sunroom Reaching New Heights

We think Superman was on the job with this sunroom! With heights of over 2 stories, this sunroom is really taking things to the next level.


5. Lap Pool Needs A Sunroom

What a great idea for your jacuzzi or lap pool. A custom built sunroom can be the perfect solution for deck or patio enclosures.

Sunroom Pool Enclosure

Sunroom Pool Enclosure Sunspace

There are so many unique ways that a sunroom or porch enclosure can be designed for and utilized. If you are struggling with a solution to an available space that you have, call the experts at Grey Bruce Patio. With years of experience designing and building sunrooms, you are sure to find the perfect build for your home or office.

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Painting Your Porch or Patio

5 Steps for Professional Results.

Your front porch is the face of your home. Your back patio is entertainment central in warmer weather for family and friends to gather. When it comes to painting these areas of your home, there are many factors to consider. Here’s a handy list of things to keep in mind when undertaking such a project.

Make a List.

Having all of your materials ready will save you time and effort. Make sure protective equipment is available and used when required. Having gloves, eye protection and face masks are always a good idea when working with corrosive materials and dust. Always choose safety first!

First Steps.

Clearing the area of any furniture, gazebos, planters or BBQs is the first step. Then start with a good sweep so you can assess any areas in need of repair or special attention prior to paint or staining. Ensuring poles, beams and joists remain in good condition is important to the longevity of your porch or patio. Check for any rust or rot, and repair or replace any areas of concern as needed.


Custom built & maintenance free.

Check out AlumaDeck by Grey Bruce Patio.


Cleaning for Success.

Ensure you clean up any repair or maintenance tools and debris once you are finished so you are ready to move on to the next phase of your project. Making sure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned prior to any application is critical. After all scraping and sanding of old paint or stain is completed, consider scrubbing with a mild cleaner suitable for wood or even a power washer. Properly prepping your surface is key to achieving the best possible results.

To Paint or Stain.

There are many things to decide on when refinishing your porch or patio. Paint or stain, colour, texturing and technique. The list goes on. The first place to start is by looking at your surface. If there is any residual stain or paint, then priming and painting may be your best bet. How much traffic will your deck or patio see? A durable paint might be the answer. If you have a lot of imperfections, then again, paint is the best choice. When your deck is new or in good condition, then absolutely, a stain would be a great option. Then there is the huge selection of colours to choose from. Having paint swatches of your home’s existing exterior finishes will help you find the perfect match when out researching colours and products.

Priming is Key.

After all repairs and cleanup of your project are completed, the surface is now prepared to accept paint or stain. If you plan to paint then now it’s time for priming. Priming allows the paint to adhere well to the surface while hiding repair work and any other imperfections. Allow the primer to completely dry before cleaning the surface and proceeding to painting or staining. Priming before paint will take your project to the next level with a professionally finished look.


Looking for Railing Options? Grey Bruce Has a Sunspace Solution.


Ready for Paint.

Once you have chosen your product to apply to your porch or patio, you need to decide on how to apply it. For the long flat surfaces of your board, a sturdy roller will do the job efficiently. Then a good old paint brush is your best bet for getting in between all of your boards and finishing around corners and edges. Always check manufacturer and product recommendations to ensure you are using the appropriate materials and products for your project.

Once the surface has dried and cured completely, all you have to do is setup and enjoy your new space!

Considering a Patio Cover or a new Sunroom? Learn More!

For more helpful tips on painting your porch or patio or getting a professional to do it, contact an expert at Grey Bruce Patio Enclosure at 519-376-9241.

5 Ways to perk up your outdoor living space: Patio Covers & Enclosures

Is your patio looking tired and summer hasn’t even begun yet? We’ve got tons of ideas to perk up your patio just in time for barbecue season! Grey Bruce Patio
Enclosures has unlimited solutions for your tired outdoor living space; a new patio cover, Sunroom, porch enclosure or retractable awning (maybe two!) add value and living space to your home or cottage.

Patio Enclosures

Extend your enjoyment of the outdoors without nuisances like the weather and insects! Whether you plan to build onto an existing porch/patio or design one from scratch, screen rooms from Sunspace are built to suit, providing a simple and affordable solution for updating your indoor/outdoor leisure area. Already have an existing patio enclosure? Consider upgrading it with WeatherMaster Windows & Doors for even more protection from the elements, like harmful UV Rays. WeatherMaster Window systems offer up to 75% ventilation, allowing you to control the breeze and come in a variety of tints – you decide how much sunlight to let in!

Patio Covers

Grey Bruce Patio offers custom built Sunspace Patio covers to fit your home and needs. Protect your family from the elements, and harmful UV Rays. Choose from solid or clear acrylic roof panels, equipped with a built in trough system to direct water while increasing durability. No need to worry about casting too much shade, our Acrylic Roof systems come with a cool white panel option that allows 60% of light to filter through with only 20% of the heat. A perfect way to update your patio by adding style and protection for you and your family at home and the cottage!

Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings are a great way to create shade where you need it, when you need it. We carry an enormous inventory of MacDonald Awnings to choose from. Offering stylish and durable awnings that are motorized and come complete with a remote control for the ultimate in convenience. Our awnings come with a hood cover for protection when not in use, ensuring a long, low maintenance lifetime.


Upgrade your porch enclosure or patio cover to a Sunspace Sunroom! Add additional living space to your home or cottage for entertaining and relaxing. Custom built to suit your property and lifestyle and designed to extend your enjoyment of the great outdoors without having to worry about the elements, insects or UV rays. Add beauty, comfort and value to your home with your choice of a Three- Season or Thermal Sunroom by Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures.

Railing Systems

Spruce up your patio with a new Railing System. Add contemporary style, and safety to your deck or patio with a Glass Railing System from Sunspace. Give your patio or deck an unobstructed view through the sleek design of the tempered safety glass and enjoy BBQ season from your perked up patio!
For more information on Sunspace Sunrooms, WeatherMaster, Macdonald Awnings or other home improvement services in the Owen Sound area visit www.greybrucepatio.com or drop by our showroom today! We are open from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. A member of our experienced team is on hand to guide you through choosing the perfect products for your home and lifestyle.

10 Home Renovating Tips – Part 3

If you enjoyed Part 1 & Part 2 we have the final 4 tips for your next Home Renovation project. Let’s get into it!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Have a plan for where your electrical plugs and outlets will be. If the renovation project is creating a Sunroom that you will be using for an office, plan out where you anticipate you’ll want your desk and all of your electronics to be and have your contractor install enough electrical outlets in that area. You will also want to be sure that there are enough electrical outlets in the room that are in different areas so you’re not limited to having your electronics only in 1 area of the room.

Large Spaces

If your looking to add square footage to your home then think big. You want to make sure you are creating enough extra usable space that is versatile enough to be seen as a room with endless possibilities, especially if you plan on selling your home in the future.

Kitchen Reno

If your thinking of re-doing your kitchen, try to maximize the space available and give the kitchen a fresh open modern look. The heart of a home is in the kitchen, that’s where your family comes together to spend time and to eat. Make this space an area that you and your family want to be in.

Home Inspections

This is probably one of the first things you’ll want to do. Having a home inspector do a thorough inspection can give you a heads up on whats going on in your home that you may not be able to see. Completing a home inspection ensures that you are prepared for unexpected situations.

10 Home Renovating Tips – Part 2

And we’re back! We are back to give you the next 3 tips to use on your next home renovation project. These tips are the perfect way to create a checklist before starting your next renovation project and to help you be more prepared for the project if you enjoyed Part 1 then you’ll love Part 2 and be sure to check back next month for the last 4 tips in 10 Home Renovating Tips – Part 3!

Vaulted Ceilings

Having a Vaulted ceiling can prevent water damage to your home during the winter months, especially in areas where there are large amounts of snowfall. Having a vaulted ceiling can also add to the character of your home while also providing a more open feeling to the room.

Paint your cabinets

Dust is less likely to settle on a painted surface than on a wood stained surface. While painted cabinets and stained cabinets don’t have any real benefits in choosing one over the other it’s all based on personal preference. Ensure that when you stain or paint your cabinets you use a high-quality finishing product to maintain the look and durability of the cabinets as well as protecting them from damage.

Install East-facing windows

Having your contractor install windows that are facing the east is the best way to maximize sunlight in your new area. This is also helpful when keeping your room warm during the winter months as we all know that the bright shining sun is very nice and warm, not to mention that you’ll be able to get more natural vitamin D!

We just have so many great tips for all of you that we had to keep this going into a 3 part series! Check back in March for the last 4 Tips for your next Home renovation project. Visit www.greybrucepatio.com for information on all of our products, services, and helpful information.

10 Home Renovating Tips – Part 1

Many people are starting to think about spring renovations. And many of us know a bit about some minor fixes and we probably know our way around a toolbox. However, they are large gaps in the areas where we know absolutely nothing about. We’ve compiled a small list of 10 renovation tips to know before starting your spring/summer renovation project read Part 1 today and stay tuned for Part 2 & 3 over the next 2 months.

Choose classic pieces

Going for classic pieces when furnishing your new area is always the best way to go. Purchasing furniture and furnishing your room with pieces that are “In trend” look great for the first year but these items may not still be in style in 2 years which will make you want to go out and purchase all new furniture. This can cost you a ton of money in the long run.

Quality Flooring

Spend the extra money on quality flooring. This will not only increase the resale value of your home and save you money on repairs and upkeep, but it also looks and feels better. Yes, the initial investment will cost more then maybe you are wanting to spend, but it pays off and will cost you left to maintain.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Using a Heat Pump Water Heater can cut your costs by 50%! If your unsure of what the difference is between a normal water heater and a heat pump water heater is let us give you a quick rundown of what they are. Heat pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. This is what makes them more energy efficient and passing the savings along to you.

For more tips on your next home renovation project stay tuned next month for 10 Home Renovating Tips – Part 2! Visit www.greybrucepatio.com for more information on all of our products and services & check back next month!

Get your Home Ready for Fall – Part 2

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year with all the changing colours of the leaves and the sun shining through while still being warm enough to spend a few hours outdoors without being to cold. The one thing that we all dread is what follows after all the leaves have fallen off the trees… winter & snow.

Check your windows

If you have violent winter storms it might be a good idea to make sure you have good windows. If you are worried still you can always install storm windows or doors. Be sure to check the caulking and seals around the window and repair anything you may be unsure of.

Stock up on Firewood

If you have a fireplace or are planning on getting a fireplace for the winter now is a great time to start gathering fire wood. Make sure you stock up enough for the winter and store it in a cool dry place away from your house. You will also want to make sure you clean your fireplace and chimney before it’s to late.

Sunroom prep

Closing your Sunroom for the winter is one of the moments you probably leave for last, but it is still just as important. Cool drafts can sneak in from your Sunroom just as easily as having a small draft around a door. Regardless of when you plan on closing your Sunroom for the winter, there are still a few things you may want to do now to help you prolong the enjoyment of your Sunroom. Add an area carpet to keep the floors warmer, or bring in an extra heat source like a heater with a couple of heated blankets. You will still want to ensure that the entrance from your Sunroom to your home is well insulated so make sure there are no cracks or drafts around the door.

For more helpful tips and ways to get your home & Sunroom ready for winter contact an expert at Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures at 519-376-9241 or visit us online at www.greybrucepatio.com.

Bug Season is Here!

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Spring is always such a happy and exciting time, because that means summer is right around the corner! Everyone is outside getting their gardens ready and doing some spring cleaning, but with spring in the air the bugs are not to far behind.

Spring is the time when Black Flies, Mosquitoes and Deer Flies come out and boy do we hate those bugs! Although there may be many days this spring when you won’t see a single bug, as we get closer to warmer summer weather the black flies, mosquitoes an deer flies will be seen more and more.

Black flies, mosquitoes & deer flies can ruin a perfectly beautiful spring day and have you stuck inside wishing you were outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Let us help you enjoy the outdoors this spring with our WeatherMaster windows & Doors & SlideClear Screen options.

WeatherMaster Windows & Doors

At Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures, we have many options to help you enjoy the outdoors this spring without being pestered by annoying insects. Our line of WeatherMaster 4 track Porch Windows & Doors is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, indoors with easy stackable panels that allow up to 75% ventilation! With may options to choose from like colours, Vertical or Horizontal window options and many more you are sure to get the dream room you’ve always wanted and the ability to spend more time outdoors without the common annoyances of the season. Spend more time outdoors this spring without having to cover yourself in bug spray and get back to enjoying the spring time in a beautiful new WeatherMaster Sunroom!

SlideClear Retractable Screen Systems

Enjoy the spring weather without the bother of bugs with a SlideClear Retractable Screen System.  Easy to install on your existing porch or patio and won’t get in your way. Truly enjoy the outdoors with 100% ventilation and enjoy the protection of a screened room without interrupting your views of the outdoors. The SlideClear retractable screen is the best way to enjoy the best of spring and easily moves out of your way when the summer weather arrives to allow you to enjoy your outdoor space to it’s fullest. The SlideClear Screen System is available in heights from 72” to 120” and widths from 36” to 384” so you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way of the beautiful scenery outside. Pair the SlideClear Retractable Screen with our WeatherMaster Plus Stacking Door/Wall System for even more protection from the elements, then stack them away for a seamless transition outdoors when desired.

Whether you are looking for a brand-new Sunroom to enjoy the outdoors in or simple solution to add to your existing outdoor space, Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures has many options for you to choose from to keep those pesky insects away, allowing you to truly enjoy the beautiful spring and summer weather!

Contact Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures today and talk to us about how we can create a comfortable bug free indoor/outdoor living space for your home or cottage free of insects without chemical repellants.

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