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Introducing our premium range of aluminum decking, designed to offer the perfect combination of durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Whether you’re looking to create a sleek modern deck, a poolside retreat, or an elegant outdoor dining area, Grey Bruce Patio’s aluminum decking is the ideal choice

Aluminum decking: an unmatched durability

Our aluminum decking is constructed from high-quality, rust-resistant aluminum, ensuring it can withstand various weather conditions and provide long-lasting performance. It is designed to resist warping, cracking, and splintering, offering a maintenance-free decking solution.

Alumadeck aluminum decking: superior strength and modern aesthetic

Enjoy a stable and secure outdoor area with our aluminum decking, which boasts exceptional strength and load-bearing capacity. This makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and heavy furniture. Grey Bruce Patio’s aluminum decking features sleek and contemporary designs that enhance the visual appeal of any outdoor space. Available in various finishes and colors, they can be customized to match your aesthetic preferences.

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Recognition as a
trusted industry leader

Grey Bruce Patio is a well-known industry leader who is regularly seen on a number of television networks. These events highlight our commitment to excellence, creativity, and first-rate customer care. Being featured on television demonstrates our proficiency in creating exquisite and useful outdoor living areas, reinforcing our standing as a top option for professionals and homeowners alike.

A variety of products

Custom-designed decks, patio covers, porch enclosures, sunshades, railings, sunrooms, screen rooms, and WeatherMaster porch windows and doors are our areas of expertise. Our goods are designed to improve your experience living both indoors and outside.


Completely revamp your outside area

With our specially created sunrooms, screen rooms, patio covers, decks, railings, and more, you can completely revamp your outside area. Take pleasure in being outside without having to deal with wind, rain, bugs, or UV radiation. Any place is made more beautiful, comfortable, and stylish by Sunspace Sunrooms and WeatherMaster Windows & Doors, which help raise the area’s worth.

Aluminum decking systems - Alumadeck

Aluminum is the most adaptable material for decking; it retains strength and quality while enabling our product to be weatherproof, slip-resistant, and waterproof. It requires almost no maintenance throughout its lifetime. Unlike wood, plastics, or composites, AlumaDeck won’t rust, fracture, fade, or deteriorate when exposed to the outdoors or ultraviolet light.

Fire-safe and green

Because it is a thermal conductor, it does not retain heat as other materials do. It is fire-safe up to 1,220°f (660°c) and always feels cold to the touch. Moreover, it’s green! It is recyclable and free of dangerous pollutants, with no negative effects on the environment. AlumaDeck is guaranteed to outlast and is appropriate for residential, cottage, or commercial usage. It can be combined with a range of Railing and Sunroom products.


Features and benefits

  • Planks up to 22′ Long
  • Planks are 6″ width
  • Self-Spacing, Watertight design
  • No difficult clipping system
  • Powder coated with a non-slip finish
  • Spans between joists up to 32″
  • Maintenance free
  • Fire Resistant No Warping, splitting or cracking
  • No Mold or Mildew
  • Saltwater tested
  • Environmentally Friendly, Non-toxic
Available Colors

Aluminum decking systems: check our gallery

Looking for inspiration? Explore our aluminum decking gallery to discover a variety of projects showcasing the versatility and durability of our products. Whether you’re envisioning a sleek modern design or a classic aesthetic, our gallery features diverse installations that highlight the beauty and functionality of aluminum decking.

Why Choose

Grey Bruce Patio Enclosures aluminum decking?

Expertise and experience

Grey Bruce Patio has a strong reputation for creating sunrooms of the finest quality and has years of experience in the industry. Our skilled group of professionals is dedicated to providing the highest caliber of work and client care.

Custom design solutions

Providing specific design solutions that achieve your goals gives us great delight. Our design experts and you will work together to create a sunroom that is ideal for your home and lifestyle. We ensure that everything is perfect from the initial meeting to the final installation.

Quality materials

Grey Bruce Patio uses only the best materials to ensure your sunroom’s longevity and durability. You can count on our commitment to excellence to guarantee the longevity of your sunroom.

Customer satisfaction

Our primary aim is to ensure client satisfaction. Our mission is to exceed your expectations by building a sunroom that will enhance the value of your home and provide you with years of enjoyment. With any questions or concerns you may have, we are always available to assist.


Our products


For a quieter outdoor area, a well-insulated patio cover improves temperature management, lowers energy expenses, and muffles sound.


An acrylic roof creates a bright, safe outdoor space by providing great light transmission and preventing dangerous UV radiation.


A hybrid roof system offers increased durability, weather resistance, and insulation by fusing the advantages of several materials.

Let's get started with a free quote! From start to finish Grey Bruce patio offers great ideas and service.

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