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Coming Soon in the Spring of 2020 - 1796 16th St. East, Owen Sound, ON - Commercial

Address:                            1796 16th St. East, Owen Sound, ON

Zoning:                              Commercial C1

Lot Plan:                           Request Details 

List Price:                          Request Details 

Rent                                    $11.75/sqft

Realty & Business Tax:    $ 3.00/sqft

Common Area Fees:         $ 2.75/sqft

Description:                       Office / Commercial / Retail Space. Existing 3200/sqft. - 12' T-Bar                                                                         Ceiling. 3840/sqft. - 18' Open Web Ceilings, 1360/sqft. 10' Ceilings, Mezzanine                                                   1046/sqft- 8' Ceilings. Planned Addition of 8000/sqft. Will Build to Suit
                                            Close to Heritage Place Mall.

Square Footage:                8400/sqft. Ground Floor Space                  (519) 270-4151                         (519) 376-9002